Deep Tone Project – Flow

Deep Tone Project - Flow


Viktor Pavelko: tenor saxophone
Alexandr Pavlov: guitar
Konstantin Ionenko: bass
Pavel Galitskiy: drums

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The compositions and musicianship on Deep Tone Project are a distinctly modern and deftly textured crafting of classical elements and European chamber jazz. The themes are constructed as pleasant explorations, occasionally taking more adventurous turns but always grounded in melody. Ionenko has wisely opted for an all-inclusive format and it is a very rewarding one that should lead to broader exposure for all involved.

Karl Ackermann,

Stylistic focus shifting from Blue Note to something more contemporary, like ECM. The music gives plenty of space for lyrical contributions from tenor and guitar. The album closes on a calm note, with the atmospheric title tune.

That’s right, the music of this album really flows – there is no stagnant water at all here. Everyone will hear something of his/her own – there are enough warm colors in the sounds for all. A wonderful lyrical album!

Republic Of Jazz

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