Konstantin Ionenko Quartet – Noema

Ноэма (Noema) - Константин Ионенко

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The ideas and music of NOEMA is about the philosophy of consciousness and feeling, about contents and structure of thought and its transcendent emotional opposites. It consists of is smooth and flexible melodies of waves, sonic palette of autumn nature, the rhythms of contradictions, empathy and hope of life itself.

Konstantin Ionenko

Bassist/composer Konstantin Ionenko introduces a striking new quartet on Noema.This music leans more towards the impressionistic contemporary jazz. The flugelhorn/guitar combination makes for a lighter ensemble sound, well suited to the generally mellow mood. The title “Noema” derives from the Greek word for thought or the object of thought, and Ionenko says the music is “about the philosophy of consciousness and feeling.” It is indeed thoughtful music, but feeling is never absent. A beautiful album! Ionenko continues to grow as composer and bandleader with each new release. CD has abstract impressionistic pastel cover image that captures the mood of the music. ECM fans should take note.

Mark Sullivan, All About Jazz

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